The Hidden and The Maiden

 Now available for download and in paperback!

A wizard’s failed apprentice must join forces with a self-doubting medium in Eben Mishkin’s wildly imaginative debut novel, The Hidden and the Maiden. James Rathbone, the cynical ex-student to the last wizard, isn’t exactly a hero. But when con artist Kenton Dean steals the wizard’s magical elixir, James is forced to make a choice: spring into action, or watch Kenton take control of Kherty-Aken, the fallen god of death, and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting modern world.

James sets off on a dangerous mission to stop Kenton, but he can’t do it alone. He’s forced to team up with Zephyr Wayne, a hopelessly naïve medium forever haunted by his abusive mother, JJ.

Will James finally get his magic to work? Can he convince Zephyr that his powers aren’t delusions? Will JJ prove enemy, ally, or just a deranged psyche? And can anyone truly conquer death?

Praise for The Hidden & The Maiden
An occasionally bizarre, often fascinating paranormal thriller.
A new twist on life and death.
I persevered and the story just got better and better. It's a different take on death and ghosts, with a touch of lost magic intertwined.
James and Zephyr are the everyman protagonists gritty urban fantasy writers wish they could pull off and never quite manage.
The book is a chimera of the beautiful and the repulsive.
There's loads of action and graphic horror and it's all very exciting.
The Hidden and the Maiden is engaging, it's intense, and it manages to be serious without falling into the trap of becoming grim and depressing.
The depth of the magical world in which the characters do battle is exhilarating.
Death, afterlife, family, conflicted emotions, overcoming fear, the occult, the abuse of power… The Hidden and the Maiden touches on many deep topics while wrapping it all in a very fun thriller.
Slow at first but definitely worth the read!